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Mandalorian season 3 release date 2022, time, cast, plot

Season three of The Mandalorian was recently confirmed to arrive in 2019, but that isn’t stopping fans from speculating about what’s next for the series. We know season three is on its way, and this is fantastic news for Mando and his lovable muppet companion fans.

But there’s more to tell. When will we see it? What shape will it take? That is where the secret lies. After all, there is a continuous stream of Star Wars spin-offs being released, with The Book Of Boba Fett now on our screens and Obi-Wan, Ahsoka, and Andor awaiting us in theaters. Mandalorian season 3 release date, time, cast, plot.

The Mandalorian season 3 release date

There has been no official word on the release date yet, but that doesn’t imply there is no room for speculation. December 2022 has been rumored to be when the third season will premiere on Disney+ (as reported by TVLine).

This makes sense because it follows a similar time period as both seasons one and two, which were released near enough at the same time.

The first season of the Mandalorian was released in November 2019, with a second season scheduled for delivery in October 2020. Both seasons will conclude in December 2020 after filming and the complex process of CGI and special effects required to make the program come alive are taken into account.

On October 21, filming for Mandalorian Season 3 began, as confirmed by Carl Weathers on Twitter, who said: “Mandalorian, Season #3 begins tomorrow for Yours Truly. Greef Karga will return to Disney+. #BePeace”

The Mandalorian season 3 cast and crew

We expected Pedro Pascal to reprise his role as Dominic Bogardus in the second season’s final episode, but nothing has been confirmed. We also thought that he would be joined by another well-known actor, Baby Yoda (not gonna call him Grogu; we can’t make us).

Although The Red Guard did a decent job of wrapping up the narrative, it felt far too final, which led us to believe that the post-credits sequence was made in order to create a fresh tale revolving around Boba Fett (Temuera Morrison) and Fennec Shand (Ming-Na Wen). It did: and it’s The Book of Boba Fett, not just another Mandalorian story.

“When I was told I was going to become a series regular, I just automatically assumed it was for The Mandalorian season three,” Ming-Na Wen told Digital Spy. “And then when the scripts came out, it said 301, 302, 303, 304. So I just assumed I was signing on – because it doesn’t say The Mandalorian on my contracts.

“So for two weeks, while I was working with Tem and Robert [Rodriguez], I had no idea that I was actually shooting the spin-off [laughs].

“When the crew and the cast found out, they were dying. It was so crazy. So, yeah, it was wonderful to finally discover that I was shooting The Book of Boba Fett [laughs]. They call it The Mandalorian 2.5, in a way. So I wasn’t all wrong.”

The Mandalorian season 3 plot explored

Fans who have seen The Book of Boba Fett already know the drill, but if you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard, here’s the scoop: The Mandalorian’s final episodes establish the framework for the next season.

Is your head spinning? So, gather up the pieces and replace them in their proper places because there’s more to come. Boba and Fennec are suspicious of being considered heroes at the conclusion of the program, which makes sense given their ruthless history. “We’re not suited for this,” asks Boba, to which Fennec replies: “Who else is there?”

When a stranger hands them a melon, it’s clear that something is about to happen. Fett hurls the fruit to Black Krrsantan and Drash, the rulers of the cyborg street gang of Mods, who catches it. According to legend, these characters could end up replacing Boba Fett in Jabba the Hutt’s old position while leaving open room for Boba to return and become a bounty hunter once again. The torch has been passed on.

We then cut to the Mando’ad system, where we witness Grogu and his pilot, Mando, meeting for the first time. (We’ve done a detailed study for you here.) It’s in this moment that we learn that Boba Fett is indeed featured in season three of The Mandalorian (the reunion of Mando and Grogu).

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The Mandalorian season 3 trailer

Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be much expectation for a trailer for The Mandalorian right now.

But that’s OK, because we’ll have a million Baby Yoda memes and clips to keep us entertained in the meantime.

Furthermore, we’ll at least have Star Wars series to keep us occupied until then. We promise to keep you updated as soon as possible when new information becomes available.

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