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Netflix ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 18: Here’s What We Know

Grey’s Anatomy has been off the air in the United States for some time, but it still airs on ABC in other countries. The longest-running ABC series of all time, Grey’s Anatomy, will enter its eighteenth season and conclude May 26th 2022. After that, the show is anticipated to be available on Netflix. We’ll walk you through when you may expect Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 to become accessible on Netflix around the world, including the United States.

The new season of Grey’s Anatomy, which will debut on September 30th, 2021 and run through to the end of May, comprises of 20 episodes. This season also sees the exits of several key characters from the series, including Jesse Williams, Giacomo Gianniotti, and Greg Germann. There is some good news: Kate Walsh notably returned for a cameo in season 18. Netflix ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 18: Here’s What We Know.

Grey’s Anatomy S18 be on Netflix in the US

The good news is that Netflix’s Grey’s Anatomy release schedule has remained very consistent in recent years. As a result, we can make a fairly reliable prediction about when season 18 will be available on Netflix. Season 16 was released in May (as was the case with season 17), June, or July, as was the case for each preceding few seasons.

Season 17 of American Ninja Warrior debuted exactly a month after season 16 had concluded this past December. We’re expecting the program to be accessible in the United States again between June and July 2022, based on its usual network schedule. It’ll be June 23rd, 2022 when we see it fall if it arrives exactly a month following season 18’s conclusion, but we’ll keep you updated.

Is Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix internationally?

We anticipated that Netflix would launch in Latin America, Canada, and certain Asian countries at the same time as the United States in 2022. However, it appears that no longer the case, as we’ve been alerted that the series is indeed departing Netflix internationally.

As previously reported, a slew of major Disney programs (largely through 20th Television) will be leaving Netflix internationally on January 1st, 2022. This includes the conclusion of Grey’s Anatomy in all its seasons.

If you live outside of these areas, there’s a good chance Netflix will no longer carry the program. Instead, Disney has chosen to release the series as part of its Star Plus offering.

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Will Grey’s Anatomy be leaving Netflix?

Despite previous reports, it does not appear that Grey’s Anatomy will be leaving Netflix anytime soon. Disney (the parent company of ABC) has largely withdrawn its material from Netflix, but the longstanding agreement for Grey’s Anatomy appears to have preserved it.

It’s also worth noting that Private Practice, a spin-off series based on Grey’s Anatomy, departed Netflix US in December 2021 after two years on the platform.

If you’re searching for more Shonda Rhimes magic on Netflix, there are a few extra options now. The Chair is also an excellent option given the presence of Sandra Oh, becoming the biggest show from Shondaland thus far. You may also check out our dedicated preview of her slate to see what’s coming next from Shondaland.

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