Meet Raymond Ablack Girlfriend Jordan Steinhauer


Raymond is a Canadian actor and comedian who has gained popularity for his superb acting skills. He made his stage debut at the Princess of Wales Theatre in Toronto as Young Simba in The Lion King when he was a child. Meet Raymond Ablack Girlfriend Jordan Steinhauer.

Raymond Ablack Girlfriend Jordan Steinhauer

Jordan Steinhauer is a well-known director and communication professional, dating Raymond Ablack’s girlfriend. The pair have not provided many details about their relationship to the public. As a result, when and where they initially met and began dating are unknown.

Raymond Ablack Parents

Raymond Ablack is of Canadian-Indian ethnicity. He was born and raised by Indo-Guyanese parents in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. His father is of Indian heritage.

The actor is currently 32 years old. He has a younger brother, Jared Ablack, as well as two younger sisters named Rebecca Becky and Cassandra Ablack.

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Raymond Ablack Net Worth

Raymond Ablack, the Love in the Villa actor, has a net worth of $2 million. He has a large net worth. Actors may make a decent living from their profession. He is also known as a gracious fellow who helps out regularly. During his career, he volunteered frequently with Degrassi & and Me to We and Free the Children for school construction projects.

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