Ronnie Pickering Wiki: Who Is The Road Rager? Where Is He In 2022?


Ronnie Pickering, the internet celebrity of a road rage occurred in the United Kingdom, does not have an official Wikipedia profile. In 2021, let us look at his wiki, age, wife, net worth, and location in this article.

Ronnie Pickering is a professional motorist known for his road rage incident. His video road rage tantrum also made him a household name and garnered him a lot of press attention. Surprisingly, the episode took place years ago, and the Bransholme guy can now chuckle at the viral footage. You will find out additional information about him in the sections below.

Ronnie Pickering Wiki: Who Is The Road Rager?

Ronnie Pickering does not yet have a Wikipedia page. However, he has become well-known in the last five years since the road age event. Before September 2015, he was just another Bransholme man.

On the other hand, on September 21, 2012, Ronnie had an altercation with a mopedist in Bransholme Fire Station’s Noddle Hill Way. He engaged in heated conversation; nevertheless, he moved on and carried out his duties after a while.

Ronnie had no idea he was being filmed with a GoPro and that his performance would soon be released by Steve Middleton, who would turn him into a YouTube celebrity.

Ronnie Pickering Age And Wife

Ronne Pickering will be 61 years old in 2022. He is a married man who has been wed to his spouse for many years. He and his wife were also endowed with children, and he is now the proud grandfather of five grandkids.

According to the Hull guy, who is frequently stopped in the streets owing to his unexpected popularity throughout the city and across the world, the 2015 film, in which he repeatedly stated that he was really Ronnie Pickering, has crossed one billion page views.

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Ronnie Pickering Net Worth

Ronnie Pickering’s net worth is expected to be between $100,000 and $500,000 USD in 2022.

His precise net worth, on the other hand, has yet to be determined. Even so, it may be assumed that the amateur racer has enough money to live a comfortable lifestyle.

Where Is Ronnie Pickering In 2022?

In 2022, Ronnie Pickering is said to be living in Kingswood with his family. Following a video of him rowing with a moped driver in Sutton went viral on YouTube, he became an internet phenomenon.

Looking back at his clip, he now claims that it has gone viral and that it is still amusing.

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