Will ‘Space Force’ get renewed for Season 3?


TV fans are ecstatic as The Office creator, Greg Daniels, and lead actor, Steve Carell, come together again. And speaking of the moon, Space Force is a Netflix celestial comedy series in which Gregory and Steve serve as co-creators. “Our nation’s internet flows through our vulnerable space satellites. POTUS wants complete space dominance,” says a government official in the series’ first trailer.

Aside from Steve Carell and John Malkovich, the stellar cast includes Diana Silvers (Booksmart), Jimmy O. Yang (Crazy Rich Asians), Lisa Kudrow (Friends), and Ben Schwartz (Parks and Recreation), to name a few. Fans are eager to find out whether Space Force will be renewed for a third season, with an outstanding overall Rotten Tomatoes score of 79 percent and Season 2 coming to a stunning conclusion with a massive cliffhanger (seriously).

Steve Carell portrays General Mark R. Naird, a former four-star Air Force general who’s been tasked with running the US military’s brand new department — Space Force — alongside offbeat scientist Dr. Adrian Mallory (John Malkovich). With the US government, its citizens, and his colleagues all looking to him for answers, Mark juggles his new job as the Space Force branch commander with ease. Will ‘Space Force’ get renewed for Season 3?

Will ‘Space Force’ get renewed for Season 3?

After weeks of uncertainty, fans may breathe a sigh of relief. According to Netflix, the Space Force will be cut off after two seasons at the streaming service on April 29, 2022.

While this news may disappoint fans, it is not completely unexpected. Netflix has canceled two more original programs in the past week: Pretty Smart and Raising Dion. It appears that as a result of their rapid subscriber drop and stock fall, Netflix is attempting to clear out their platform so they can prepare for what’s next.


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The cast of Space Force is packed with comedic all-stars who have been pretty busy working on their own content in recent months. Steve Carell is presently shooting a limited series called The Patient and will reprise his role as the malevolent Gru from the Minions franchise. Ben Schwartz returned to his role as Sonic the Hedgehog in Sonic 2 after previously starring in murder-mystery comedy The Afterparty.

The Netflix original series The Space Force was frequently in the top ten most streamed shows on Netflix, however viewership does not always predict a show’s renewal. In the meanwhile, Netflix has several upcoming comedy series such as That ’90s Show and Blockbuster that might satisfy viewers’ demands for humor. Seasons 1 and 2 of Space Force are currently streaming on Netflix.

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