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Steve Dymond: Jeremy Kyle Show Contestant Found Dead

After a guest who failed a love-cheat lie detector test took his life days after appearing on the show, The Jeremy Kyle show was canceled indefinitely. Who was Steve Dymond, and what exactly transpired leading up to his deadly end? Steve Dymond: Jeremy Kyle Show Contestant Found Dead.

Who was Steve Dymond?

On May 9, 2019, a 63-year-old man named Steve Dymond was discovered dead on the Jeremy Kyle Show after having previously appeared on the daytime ITV program. In February that year, he had broken up with his fiancée Jane Callaghan because she accused him of cheating on her; subsequently, he booked an appointment to appear on the talk show to prove her wrong.

Dymond was discovered dead in his home seven days later, having committed suicide. The local council buried him after he cut ties with his family before dying.

What happened on The Jeremy Kyle Show?

On The Jeremy Kyle Show, Dymond tried to persuade his fiancée Jane Callaghan that he hadn’t been unfaithful. Despite his claims, however, Dymond was shown to have failed a love-cheat lie detector test despite his partner later revealing that he was “really enthused and confident” in proving his innocence.

According to his family’s legal representative, when the verdict was revealed, the crowd “booed and jeered” at him, calling him a failure by the presenter. She also claimed that Jeremy Kyle has gotten “in his face,” and that he has been “heckled even when he was on the verge of passing out.”

On January 15, 2019, Dymond said that he was ordered to sit on a glass table and shake hands with female celebrities. He also revealed that the Brit presenter had told him: “I wouldn’t trust you with a chocolate button,” and “Has anyone got a shovel?” to prove his innocence in Jane’s eyes.

Jane, who said Steve had been diagnosed with depression, told The Sun Online: “He wanted to go on. He was really excited and confident. But it was all a front and I knew it. He wasn’t well at all.” The Jeremy Kyle Show was cancelled the day after his death, on May 10, 2019, before ITV decided to permanently axe it.

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What has Jeremy Kyle said about Steve Dymond?

The 56-year-old complained that the experience had left him “utterly broken” and unable to “leave the house or even open the curtains.” He exclusively told The Sun: “I don’t want to appear ‘woe is me,’ and as I’ve stated, it was a terrible tragedy – devastating for Steve Dymond’s friends and family, of course, but also for many workers on the program.

“But it did hit me hard. And it’s been awful to feel so scapegoated, and without being able to have my say about the accusations that often seemed to be levelled only at me.”

After 17 years, his program was canceled just before the episode in which he was supposed to appear, during which he became depressed and turned to anxiety medication as a coping mechanism.

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