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What is a ‘Thirst Trap’ on TikTok? Slang term explained

Every day, new slang terms are added to TikTok, particularly when it comes to dating. ‘Roaching,’ ‘cuffing season,’ ‘incel,’ and ‘ghosting’ are just a few of the online dating phrases that are in great demand.

Another meaning of “thirst trap” is, “However, what does it imply?” You’ll find all the answers you need right here.

What Is A ‘Thirst Trap’?

A ‘thirst trap’ is a social media message that is meant to pique the attention of a certain individual or a group of people.

It’s usually used to entice someone you fancy in a sexual or provocative way.

‘Thirst traps’ can be anything from a sexy photograph to a flirty message or even an x-rated video.

A ‘thirst trap’ is a term used to describe anything posted on social media in order to confess your love for someone and get their attention without immediately messaging them.

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Why Is It Called That?

The word ‘thirst’ comes from the word ‘thirsty’ which in slang, has nothing to do with drinking.

If you’re ‘thirsty’ it means that you’re eager or desperate for sex or attention, so much so that you would set a ‘thirst trap’ to lure someone in.

The second component of the phrase is self-evident, as the social media post is intended to ‘catch’ someone. If the trap is successful, the person who set it up, such as uploading a photograph or video, will be recognized by the individual they were attempting to attract.

Then they might get a message from them, and the situation could worsen.

They’re Popular On TikTok

Thirst traps have been popular on Instagram and Snapchat Stories for quite some time. Both allow you to limit your Story’s visibility to certain individuals.

However, as TikTok has grown in popularity, it has also become a popular location for individuals to utilize “thirst traps.” People frequently post explicit or revealing films with intriguing captions that will undoubtedly catch someone’s attention. nNow you’ll know what they all mean when you scroll past one!

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