TikTok ‘AS’ Meaning Explained: Here’s What We Know


You’ve probably seen the Adult Swim or AS trend on TikTok if you’ve been there. The short video program was jam-packed with films that looked like bumps or commercials that ended in a “[as]” sign. The fad peaked in the middle of 2021, but it has staying power among fans and hasn’t completely vanished.

The trend caught on quickly and became an element of jargon in the platform. The initial trend had nothing to do with adult material, but it appears that people have started to use the phrase to refer to young adult television programs. TikTok ‘AS’ Meaning Explained: Here’s What We Know.

TikTokers create bumps for the Adult Swim trend

The AS, or trend, included TikTokers making vids that imitated the ’90s bumps or commercial style, which was then followed by Adult Swim’s broadcast channel. Users filmed a few random videos and glued them together to make TikToks. Some films were themed, while others were more general in nature without a defined focus.

Users have also added descriptive text to the clip for viewers to read and learn more about their “Adult Swim bump.” The trend is quite broad, and it can cover a wide range of issues, but one feature remains consistent across videos. On the screen at the end of every trend video is the sign [as]. Some employ editing to include it, while others devise clever methods to incorporate it within the film only visible at the very conclusion.

The unofficial official sound used for the videos is the song Time Moves Slow by BADBADNOTGOOD, specifically the part that says: “Running away is easy, it’s the leaving that’s hard.” The #AdultSwim hashtag on TikTok has over 1.8 billion views.

The phrase has remained in use, and a few months later, netizens came up with an innovative usage for it. They categorize young adult series by assigning them the acronym AS. This also corresponds to Adult Swim’s focus on youth-oriented programming.

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Adult Swim is a late-night block on the Cartoon Network

Adult Swim is a late-night programming block on the Cartoon Network that features adult-oriented programs. Adult Swim’s schedule is as follows: Mondays through Saturdays from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m., and Sundays from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m.. Adult Swim, which originally aired cartoons and shows geared toward an older audience, had shows for an even older crowd now.

As a result, the channel offers programming with little or no editing, frequently showing adult language and graphic violence dramas. The channel features popular shows like BoJack Horseman, Rick and Morty, Robot Chicken, The Eric Andre Show, American Dad!, and Family Guy. Transgressive and crude humor programs such as these are just a few of the many examples available on Adult Swim.

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