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What Happened To Alianna Defreeze? Details To Know About Her Murder

Alianna Defreeze went to school, but a mishap followed her there that claimed her life. Parents were ecstatic to allow their children to be on their own after hearing this kind of tragedy. nPeople are saddened by the bad news concerning Alianna Defreeze. He had a lengthy criminal record including grand theft, burglary, robbery, and assault.

Sometimes leaving this kind of psychopath after punishment would not stop them from committing more crimes. This is what happened when a criminal like Whitaker is unleashed.

What Happened To Alianna Defreeze?

The story of Alianna Defreeze will never be forgotten. That day, a fourteen-year-old girl went to school but did not return. Her mother became concerned.

They discovered that she never showed up for school the following day, so they reported her as being away. She was immediately declared missing and a search was organized to find her.She was discovered at her home three days later, where she had been slain by three Cleveland cops. After seeing the back door open, they went inside. They also discovered a trail of blood leading from the dining room to the closed door. Her body was covered in blood and without any clothes except for her socks, with a wound on her head.

The boxcutter was used to slash her neck, and her cheeks had four puncture wounds by the drill. The wound on her forehead dislodged her right eyeball from the socket.

Wikipedia’s posting of the crime was disturbing. Jan 26, 2017 RTA surveillance footage showed her getting off the bus and walking across the road. Whitaker chased and grabbed her as she walked down East 93rd Avenue. The witness didn’t want to tell the cops since they were unclear about their connection.

Know Alianna Defreeze Cause Of Death And Autopsy Results Explored

The body of Alianna Defreeze was identified through dental records by the forensic team. Dr. David Dolinak, Cuyahoga County Deputy Medical Examiner, conducted the autopsy. He utilized a drill, a screwdriver, and a box cutter. She had a lot of wounds on her body.

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The doctor was perplexed as to which injury caused her death, according to the autopsy report. Her injuries were quite severe. Whitaker’s DNA was discovered on Alianna’s body by the forensic team. He was arrested on February 2 of this year.

Learn About the Murdered of Alianna Defreeze

On January 26, 2017, Alianna Defreeze went off to school via two RTA buses and vanished. She was abducted, raped, and murdered. Christopher Whitaker was sentenced for this offense.

On April 2021, the Supreme Court of Ohio denied a motion to modify Woodard’s death sentence. In May 2021, Michael Defreeze asked for a change in punishment from death to life without parole for Whitaker, who had been sentenced to die. Defreeze added, “I request life in prison without the possibility of parole from the beginning because death is too certain, too quick. You deserve to suffer and sit there and think about what you did.”

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