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What is the Omarion Challenge? Why the viral TikTok dance has taken over

Here’s everything you need to know about the new viral TikTok trend – the Omarion Challenge.

Omarion has become the topic of conversation on social media as fans have taken on a new TikTok challenge inspired by the B2K singer.

You’ll more than likely have seen the viral trend taking over TikTok, with thousands of fans trying out the Omarion Challenge.

But what exactly is the Omarion Challenge, how did it start and what song is used in it?

Here’s the lowdown on the latest TikTok trend…

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What is the Omarion Challenge on TikTok and how did it start?

It all came about when a resurfaced clip of Omarion dancing at Verizon’s ‘Now Playing’ music tour in 2015 popped off again recently on social media.

The R&B star has always been famous for his moves, but fans couldn’t help but share their confusion of his dance moves in the old clip, with many rushing to recreate them.

And from there, the Omarion Challenge began, with Omarion himself even taking to social media to poke fun at the viral clips and even revamped the choreography with his backup dancers.

The ‘Ice Box’ singer took to Instagram with a brand new version of the dance, writing: “Thank you to all of the funny people on the Internet for making this a thing… It was only right. #Jokesonyou.”

What song is used in the Omarion Challenge on TikTok?

It is thought that the song behind the viral dance clip is a track called ‘Slo-Down by I . N’.

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