When Does Golf Come to ‘Nintendo Switch Sports’?


The Nintendo Wii was a huge hit among many people because of certain classics that only worked with the console’s unique controllers, such as Wii Sports. This game, which was frequently offered as a package when the system was purchased, defined the generation for the Wii — there are still memes calling back to this popular title designed to get gamers up and moving while they played.

While the Switch has outperformed the Wii in terms of sales, it has lacked a comparable game to one of its most popular titles. That is, until now. In early February, Nintendo revealed that it would be releasing Nintendo Switch Sports on the immensely popular console for the first time. The name differs from Wii Sports in some respects, but it still promises to provide enough reminiscing while being innovative.

Unfortunately, golf will not be available in the game at launch; so, when will it be implemented? When Does Golf Come to ‘Nintendo Switch Sports’?

What games are currently available in ‘Nintendo Switch Sports’?

There are six different games to choose from at the start of the game, which may be played locally with up to four people or over the internet with strangers. In Nintendo Switch Sports, volleyball, bowling, and tennis are currently available. Only two people can play badminton, soccer, and chambara at once because they require four players.

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Will boxing be coming to ‘Nintendo Switch Sports’?

Unfortunately, despite the fact that boxing is one of the most popular sports in the original Wii Sports game, it will not be included to Nintendo Switch Sports (or there are no plans to do so). Instead of it, the game now includes chambara, which is a type of sword combat. It has a comparable one-on-one gameplay to boxing did, but instead of boxing gloves you’re using a wooden sword to pound your opponent into submission.

Boxing is not included in Super Smash Bros. for the Switch because there are already several boxing-based games on the platform. There are two Fitness Boxing games available, each of which uses the same fighting mechanics that were first introduced in Wii Sports. While this is a bummer, there are several alternative methods for players to play boxing with their Switch. The Fitness Boxing games, like chambara, only allow two people at a time.

When will golf be released for ‘Nintendo Switch Sports’?

With so many new activities becoming available, players will have a lot to do – but there’s another sport that will be added in a future update. Many people will recall that golf was one of the first games included with Wii Sports, and while it isn’t available on Nintendo Switch Sports at launch, it will be added in a later software update. There is no planned public release date. There are no current plans to integrate any additional sports into the game.

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