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When will Season 8 of ‘The Blacklist’ be on Netflix?

The Blacklist’s eighth season debuted on NBC a month later, which hasn’t slowed down the series’ Netflix debut. The eighth season will be available on Netflix US in early October, with other regions to follow. When can you watch The Blacklist Season 8 on Netflix?

In the fall of 2017, The Blacklist filmed in New York, where the coronavirus epidemic was not spared. However, compared to other programs, it did considerably better and was slotted for a November 2021 release date instead of its usual September/October launch date.

Season 8 ran for 22 episodes, with the 22nd episode concluding in late June 2021. The show’s future was also assured due to NBC’s renewal, but Sony Pictures Television is the show’s primary distributor. On October 21st, 2021, season 9 of The Good Doctor will premiere on NBC.

When will The Blacklist season 8 be on Netflix in the United States?

Let’s begin in the United States. When Netflix acquired the rights to The Blacklist, it was one of the most lucrative deals ever struck. According to a previous report, Netflix paid an eye-watering sum of money to stream each episode in various markets around $2 million per episode.

The Blacklist, on the other hand, does not come out with weekly episodes in the United States. NBC and Hulu provide catch-up access to previous seasons. We were anticipating 2021’s season as well, but it hasn’t arrived yet.

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Instead, we’ve got confirmation that season 8 of The Blacklist will arrive on Netflix US on October 6th, 2021 just a few weeks ahead of its season 9 debut.

What about other regions of Netflix?

Season 7 will arrive in Canada at some point between the end of 2021 and the end of 2022, according to Netflix’s algorithm. Season 6 arrived straight after its U.S. premiere alongside America around the same time this year, so you may expect to see it by then too.

They frequently receive the entire season in a timely manner, typically several months after the series finale. We expect it will happen again for season 8, but we’ll keep you posted.

Regions streaming The Blacklist outside of Netflix US & CA include:

Czech Republic
Hong Kong
South Korea

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