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Who Is ‘Barefoot Billy’ In Netflix’s Series ‘Maid’?

In Episode 5 of Netflix’s miniseries Maid, creator Molly Smith Metzler tells the story of a kid burglar, “Barefoot Billy.” Alex Russell visits Billy’s abandoned home after her mother dies. While cleaning the house, Alex finds some truths that make her realize how childhood trauma can affect someone’s sanity. Who Is ‘Barefoot Billy’ In Netflix’s Series ‘Maid’?

Who Was ‘Barefoot Billy’?

According to the series, Barefoot Billy, dubbed William Harlan Ritchie when he was born, was Lousie Alva Ritchie’s only son. According to media reports, Billy robbed nearly 50 houses over a four-year crime spree. He left muddy footprints, hence the name “Barefoot.”

Yolanda unsuccessfully attempted to make Billy look like a menacing criminal, saying that he had broken into multiple homes and was the subject of a manhunt across several states. On the other hand, Alex downplayed the situation, explaining that all Billy wanted were some snacks. By placing this remark in the narrative peculiarly, viewers are left thinking about “What made Barefoot Billy” instead of who he is.

What Happened To ‘Barefoot Billy’?

While cleaning Ritchie’s house, Alex and Kelly discovered some unsettling belongings of Louise Alva Ritchie. Amongst other things, Kelly found a Nazi doll in a glass cabinet while Alex noticed numerous locks on both the inside and outside of doors – looking as though they were meant to keep someone contained within the house. It’s likely that Louise used to lock Billy away in his room with these tools.


The maids also found locks on the pantry doors. The woman used to lock up her food like she locked her son in his room. While nothing was stated, it is possible that Lousie suffered from OCD and placed a lock on everything out of fear that something might happen to her son or her food.

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The Influence Of Billy’s Story

Early childhood trauma, such as family dysfunction, physical or sexual abuse, and emotionally distant or absent parents is a common characteristic of serial killers, according to researchers in popular media. This damage can often numb their emotions and consciousness.

Many psychopaths have had a difficult relationship with their mother. Because of the stress of being cut off, their bodies dampen compassion and restrict emotional urges. This is one of the many causes that shape a serial killer, however. In numerous situations, the trauma resulted in an express outbreak that we usually think of as typical, such as Barefoot Billy, the young robber.

Alex And Her Childhood Trauma

Alex recalled that her father, Hank, once beat up her mother when Alex was just a youngster. In fear, Alex curled herself up in the kitchen cabinet. Later, Paula took Alex and fled to Alaska. However, Alex’s mother did not have an exit strategy on hand. As a result, she decided to return to her hometown.

Alex immediately packed up and moved Maddy away from Hank’s home after remembering the assault, so that her son would not be influenced by the terrible man. Paula’s abusive partners/husbands caused Alex emotional scars, which she still bears as an adult. It is typical for Paula, but as a youngster, Alex absorbed the desolation that damaged her mental health. Although frequent abuse can lead to a serial killer being born, this isn’t always the case.

Despite this, it is linked to a variety of emotional issues including sadness, inhibitions, lack of bravery, and mental dullness. In the beginning, Maid made a point of stressing the significance of creating an optimal environment for a kid’s cognitive development. When Alex returned home after Sean had assaulted her again, Maddy was hiding in a cabinet in terror.

After reaching this point in her life, Alex found herself stuck in a cycle of abuse. She then looked to her daughter and saw she was heading down the same path. This served as a turning point for Alex. From that moment on, she decided not to let her daughter become another victim of childhood trauma.

Alex ran away from Sean’s trailer to give Maddy a better world. He was inspired by Billy’s story and Alex’s own memories. Molly Smith Metzler created the drama-comedy miniseries Maid which you can find streaming on Netflix.

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