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Daemon Abashiri Wiki, Bio, Family, Trivia, Cameos

Daemon Abashiri is the head of the Abashiri family. An old and small man, father of the other four, each one of them from a different mother (each one with a similar appearance to the sons). He acts as the leader and is the most powerful of them, though he normally only displays his true power when his sons and daughter are in danger.

Daemon Abashiri Family

He gets Kikunosuke to become a proper young woman cuz he promised his dead wife he would. So he sends her to the Paradise academy to teach her mannors under the name Rei Shiratori.

Daemon Abashiri Trivia

  • He’s voiced by Kousei Tomita whos awesome and voiced Master in Black Jack (Which I heard of), Zanin and Geruge in Devilman TV (Which was pretty good).
  • Doraemon in the 70s Doraemon (I heard of it but never saw), Dr. Satome in Getter Robo(which I haven’t got into yet), Danbei Hayami in pretty much every Cutie Honey series(curvy nude honey!!) Dr. Hell in CB Chara Go Nagai World (which was fun and cool) and Mazinkaiser (which was bada55), Dr. Hell, Great General of Darkness and Nuke in Mazinger Z(classic super robo entertainment), Pluto/Charon Pokémon Generations(which fits his daemon roles), Danbei Makiba, Gandal and Nuke in UFO Robo Grendizer (the gt of Mazinger), and the emperor/narrator in Voltron (Which was cool)

Daemon Abashiri Cameos

  1. Danbei Hayami is totally just him but not as srs or killer from Cutie Honey
  2. Danbei Makiba in UFO Robo Grendizer is him too
  3. In Delinquent in Drag he shows up when Sukeban is straight lesbianing out with a Gyaru mannequin

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