Gigachad Meme Explained: How Ernest Khalimov Is Related With Gigachad?

Gigachad meme went viral after a random Redditor published a link to the @sleekntears Instagram page in bodybuilding subreddit. After this, a photo of model Ernest Khalimov was uploaded on 4chan which described him as “Gigachad” and from there it began to gain attention. Basically, Gigachad is a nickname associated with the art project berlin back in 1969.

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What Is Gigachad?

Krista Sudmalis’ Sleek’N’Tears project has edited shots of numerous models, including Ernest Khalimov. Though initially believed to be real, “GigaChad” is the ultimate Chad Thundercock, an internet archetype of an ultra-masculine, physically gorgeous dude.

The concept of GigaChad gained popularity within incel communities due to its stark contrast to the perceived lack of physical attractiveness and social success that many incels feel they have. The image of GigaChad represents the idealized version of masculinity that incels aspire to attain but often feel is not possible for them.

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How Ernest Khalimov Is Related With Gigachad?

Gigachad Meme first came to limelight, on October 15th, 2017 when a random reddit user published a link to the @sleekntears Instagram page and a photo of Khalimov was submitted, on October 16th, 2017 and described him as “Gigachad”. From there, Ernest Khalimov became known and people began calling him as Gigachad.

Some people also described him as “Ultra Chad.” On October 24th, 2017, Ia picture was submitted to Imgur “It appears that The Gigachad is attempting to clone himself”.

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People Reaction On The Meme

Ernest Khalimov posted on April 13, 2021, using his Instagram account. GigaChad memes stating that “he likes them” and requesting comments on the topic from everyone.

He posted on Instagram again on April 23, saying that he appreciated the comments and that they presented him as a far more fascinating person than he actually was.

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