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How many gods are there worldwide?

We can find anywhere from 8,000 to 12,000 gods that have been worshiped throughout recorded history. Based on their theological characteristics, we only have 9 types of gods that have been worshiped. Each modern god fits within one of these categories, with 5 being Hindu types.

How many gods have we seen so far in this regard?
Nearly 3000 Gods have existed, but yours is the only one.

In Christianity, are there many gods? Christians believe that only one God exists, which they refer to as Father, just like Jesus Christ.

How many pagan gods do you know?

While the Di Selecti were the main gods of 20, the Di Consentes contained the principal 12 deities of the Roman Pantheon. Although the 12 gods are derived from the Greeks’, they have pre-Hellenic origins. They were probably part of the religions Lycian and Hittite which were both Anatolian peoples.

Are there any gods today?

Yes, there are Gods, and Godesses. There are over 2,500, but there are many more.

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