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Where Is Jelka Pesic Now: Murder Story Explained

Jelka Pesic was arrested on August 15, 1992, ten days after being involved in the murder of Alexandra Pesic. She was tried and convicted in 1993 for hiring three people to kill Alexandra. Where Is Jelka Pesic Now: Murder Story Explained.

Where Is Jelka Pesic Now?

Jelka Pesic was apprehended on August 15, 1992, after police discovered evidence linking her to the murder of Alexandra Pesic ten days prior. On August 5, 1992, Alexandra was murdered in a hospital parking lot by David Segoviano with a handgun. Bernice Courson was with her when they went to Alexandra’s car before a red automobile pulled up and fired at them, killing the 25-year-old former beauty queen.

Jelka and her four accomplices were charged with the murder of a young dental assistant who was Jelka’s former lover. David Segoviano was the gunman, Delorme drove, and Milan Nenadic assisted in providing the murder weapon as well as the car. It took months for Jelka to go to trial.

In 1993, she was convicted of first-degree murder for hire and sentenced to life imprisonment. Although a person who has been sentenced to life imprisonment for first-degree murder may only apply for parole after 25 years have passed, Jelka brought up the “faint hope clause,” which allowed her to request permission to be released early in 2008, alleging she was sick.

She was denied her request for parole after the jury decided that she lacked remorse for her actions. She was once again eligible to apply for parole in 2018, however the outcome of that proceeding is unknown.

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Jelka Pesic Age And Husband

Jelka Pesic is a mysterious figure. Although her age is unknown, she is thought to be in her early to late 60s. She is bound to her spouse, Sam Pesic. He was arrested with his wife, son, and three other men who were involved in the murder of Brandon’s mother. Alexandra married Joe Pesic Jelka’s son. However, after Brandon’s mother gave him tea in order for him to sleep that they almost couldn’t wake up from, Alexandra divorced Joe.

Despite a lengthy investigation, Jelka has never revealed her motives. Nonetheless, despite Joe having an alibi and being charged with the crime, most people believe that Sam and Joe were more involved in the crime than the officials were able to demonstrate. Brandon resided with Zdenka Ignatovic, Alexandra’s mother, until his death in 2015. Joe didn’t contact his son or attempt to claim custody after Alexandra died.

In 1998, Zdenka sued the rest of the family for wrongful death. The case was resolved in 2003 for $350,000 after several years of litigation. When Brandon turned nineteen in 2008, he received $183,000.

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