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Starbucks’ adorable Valentine’s Day 2022 cup collection explored

It’s only January, but romance is in the air at Starbucks.

If you like coffee, you’re aware that each new season or holiday brings a fresh set of Starbucks mugs. For Valentine’s Day 2022, Starbucks will release cups and tumblers that are so delicious that they’ll make you love sick. From confetti hearts to pastel pinks, you’re sure to want something from the range. Let’s get this party started.

Starbucks Bring In New Cups

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, Starbucks’ distinctive red cups for the holiday season are now irrelevant as fans anticipate the following occasion: love. Let’s Eat Cake reported that Starbucks’ Valentine’s Day mugs and tumblers will be available in US shops on January 4, 2022. If you haven’t seen the new collection in your local store, it might be due to supply chain issues; so keep an eye out!

Some of the new Starbucks cups have been spotted at Target, according to Totally the Bomb. Prices range from $18 to over $20 per cup, depending on the item. You may also contact your local Starbucks/pop in store and inquire when the Valentine’s Day collection will be available. Find a location near you here.

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Starbucks’ 2022 Valentine’s Day Collection Explored

In 2022, Starbucks produced a Valentine’s Day-themed glass mug with confetti love hearts as a fan favorite. A multi-colored tumbler has also been introduced, as well as a baby pink and red tumbler.

Starbucks, according to Let’s Eat Cake, have also discontinued an ombre heart tumbler.

If you want to get a sneak peak at the goods before going into the shop, IG user @targetpursuit has made a helpful video that shows the Valentine’s Day collection in depth. Take a look at it here.

Starbucks Fans Want To Get Their Hands On New Cups

Starbucks fans are loving the new Valentine’s Day 2022 cups on Twitter. “Okay I’m ready for my Starbucks Valentine cup; they’re adorable,” one person stated.


Somebody else added: “the hunt for these Valentine’s Day Starbucks cups is stressful.”

A further person took to Twitter: “On a mission to get one of those Valentine’s Day cups from Starbucks lol.” Have you managed to get your hands on one?

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