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Tapping In Fingers in Drink Meme Explained

Tapping In refers to the pre-drinking ritual of putting your fingers in your drink to “tap in” or signal that you’re having an alcoholic drink. Although the exact meaning of the trend is unknown.

Some believe Tapping In began as a means for friends to bond before partying. Others think it was a joke to break the ice and get people excited. Tapping In has become a common habit among young adults in clubs, parties, and social gatherings, regardless of its roots.

How Tapping In / Fingers in Drink Trend Started?

Tapping In / Fingers in Drink began after HeatDaddy an ‘X’ user and best known as a host of the Wet Jeans podcast who regularly posts about hockey, is known to use the phrase “tap in” to describe the act of drinking.

On April 27th, 2023 he wrote on X, “Gonna tap in to several chilly ones today is anyone with me.”

tapping-in-fingers-in-drink-meme-explained (1)

The first “tapping in” photo, with his fingers inside his drink, was posted to X on July 4th. “Y’all mind if I get f*cked up at brunch? Over 350 likes in five months.

Two similar images of his fingers in pub drinks were posted to X that night. To “tap in” with the user, other commentators shared images of their fingers in drinks. “Tap in,” he captioned another shot of his fingers in a drink to X on July 22nd, receiving over 700 likes in six months.

tapping-in-fingers-in-drink-meme-explained (3)

Most “tap in” posts use a photo and the phrase “tap in.” According to @heatdaddy69420’s 2023 X post, he started “tap in culture” in 2018 and has thousands of photos of himself tapping in.

tapping-in-fingers-in-drink-meme-explained (2)

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HeatDaddy kept posting “tap in” pictures to X throughout 2023, which prompted more and more replies from their followers. These followers then started posting pictures of themselves tapping in as well, either in reaction to HeatDaddy’s posts or on their own initiative.

Who Is Heatdaddy?

Heatdaddy is a X user who mainly shares posts regarding hockey and gameplay.

Whether it’s breaking down key plays or celebrating memorable goals, Heatdaddy’s contributions make him a valuable member of the X community for all hockey lovers.

He joined twitter in 2012 and has over 210k followers there. His Twitter profile bio read as,

“I love having the time of my life. Host of: Hockey Night in Scottsdale and, @wetjeanspod, use code HEATDADDY on @prizepicks. http://heatdaddymerch.com”

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