Who Is Tetsuya Yamagami: Japanese PM Shinzo Abe’s Killer


Tetsuya Yamagami is the individual who fatally wounded Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe with a shot to the head. Shinzo Abe was Japan’s youngest and longest-serving post-war premier. His economic policy, known as Abenomics, has become famous worldwide for its emphasis on monetary easing, fiscal stimulus, and structural change.

Abe Shinzo is the current prime minister of Japan, having taken office in 2012 after serving as the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party since 1992. Even after retiring from his job, Abe was nevertheless active in politics. Tetsuya shot him while he was giving a speech in Nara City at around 11:30 a.m. on July 8th morning, shortly before noon.

The suspect, Tetsuya Yamagami, is a local from Nara. He was detained by the authorities after being identified as a possible culprit. People are enraged by him and are attempting to learn more about his background and family in order to exact revenge on him. In this post, we’ll look at Tetsuya Yamagami’s wife. Who Is Tetsuya Yamagami: Japanese PM Shinzo Abe’s Killer.

Who Is Tetsuya Yamagami Wife?

Tetsuya Yamagami, the gunman who shot former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, has been indicted for murder. Shinzo was standing about 10 feet away behind Yamagami when he fired him. Shinzo was giving a campaign speech ahead of next month’s House of Councilors election.

He fired a gunshot at the PM twice. The first attempt was a miss and the second bullet pierced right into Abe’s left chest. He collapsed on the ground and was immediately hospitalized. The police stated that he was in a state of cardiac arrest and he passed away in the middle of the treatment.

Shinzo died at Nara Medical University, where he had been working as a physician’s assistant. Everyone throughout the world was shocked to learn of Shinzo’s death. Twitter has been filled with tributes to Shinzo’s wife and family, many of which have expressed their sadness.

Japanese PM Shooter Tetsuya Yamagami Age

Yamagami, the shooter, was 42 years old when he was captured. Tetsuya was a former member of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force who served for three years before quitting in 2005. Japan is a country with very tight gun and weapon restrictions. The news of gun and political violence in Japan is extremely rare.


Video evidence showed that the gunman carried a huge self-built rifle. Tetsuya said that he was dissatisfied with the former prime minister’s work and went there to murder him. Abe, a 67-year-old Japanese politician, has now become the sixth person in history to be killed on political grounds.

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Tetsuya Yamagami Family

Tetsuya Yamagami, the prime minister murderer, comes from a modest family in Nara. The world and the Abe family are mourning the passing of politics legend Tetsuya Yamagami. Even after being identified, the shooter remained calm and did not attempt to flee.

Tetsuya was detained by security guards and Metropolitan Police officers and brought into custody along with his modified rifle that made almost no noise. Smoke and sparks were seen coming from behind him as he was hit by NHK films . Tetsuya had modified his gun so that it made virtually no noise. When he went to kill Shinzo, Yamagami was wearing a grey t-shirt and pants. The shooter’s race is unknown yet he is Japanese.

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