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Jeff Wittek And David Dobrik Drama Explained

Are Jeff Wittek and David Dobrik still friends? We dig into what happened to them as we examine the duo’s real history. When Jeff Wittek began posting in David Dobrik’s videos in 2018, he amassed a large social media following, but lately he has publicly cut ties with the YouTube personality.

The Vlog Squad duo, who has 18 million YouTube subscribers and began as a group of pals, rose to fame by uploading vlogs. After several Wittek appearances in Dobrik’s videos were deleted in 2020, many recordings featuring Witteks had been erased.

In recent weeks, Dutch YouTuber Wittek has accused Dobrik of being a “false friend,” stating that he no longer wished to be associated with him.

What Happened To Jeff Wittek And David Dobrik? Their Feud Explained

Following an unfortunate event in June 2020 that left Wittek, 32, gravely injured, Wittek stated he no longer speaks to Dobrik, 25. On Tuesday, on his VIEWS video podcast, Dobrik explained the circumstances behind the feud.

“The Jeff situation is the absolute worst. That day was the most dreadful experience I’ve ever had. I’d give anything to go back in time and relive that day “he stated.

Following his disclosure that he was “I wish it was me up there,” Dobrik added as he recounted the experience. It’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to me. That was the case. It happened by chance.”

Jeff Wittek Accident And Face Injury: What Actually Happened?

Jeff Wittek, a YouTuber who claims to have injured his eye and acquired a scar on his face while swinging from an excavator driven by David Dobrik, stated that he had been hurt in this manner. Wittek has stated that he wants to tell the tale of his own experience.

On April 15, 2021, ten months after the event, he released a trailer for a docu-series called “Don’t Try This At Home” on YouTube, informing viewers that he would be detailing everything.

In the first episode, which aired on April 18, Wittek revealed that he had concealed the truth about the accident and invented stories. The program examined Wittek’s childhood, including how he nearly received a life sentence in prison for drug possession and how he met Dobrik and became engaged with YouTube.

The second film, titled “How I Broke My Face,” was released in July. It included footage of Wittek and two friends and fellow Vlog Squad members, Natalie Noel and Todd Smith, as they learned to skydive in the days leading up to the accident.

Jeff Wittek And David Dobrik: Are They Still Friends?

Jeff Wittek and David Dobrik are already at odds, and they’re probably not on good terms. Jeff has made it clear that he is upset with himself, if not his former buddy. On an episode of his documentary program “Don’t try this at home,” aired in April 2021, Jeff Wittek revealed that he had begun to “resent” David Dobrik.

Then, the same day as the episode aired, Jeff claims that he’s “done” with David as a buddy. He addressed the issue and stated that his friendship with David was now finished in an Instagram live stream.

Jeff explained on a live broadcast that he required one more operation on his injured eye, but David Dobrik didn’t contact him when he was discharged from the hospital.

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Jeff Wittek Before And After Accident Pictures

However, he remained quiet about the incident for some time, but in July 2020, he spoke up about it. nHe posted an Instagram image with a brief description of his injury.

The news was announced after months of rumors and speculation regarding what occurred. Wittek mentioned that he had “injured my face and skull in a few areas” in an Instagram comment in June 2020.

The next entries described Wittek’s injuries in detail, including images of him in a hospital bed with a neck brace and several stitches on his face.

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