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Big Tick Death Video, Obituary, Icon Park Ride Fall Update

The Drop, in addition to being a video of the Big Tick’s fall at Icon Park in Orlando, is also believed to be the cause. Tyree Sampson was injured in the Drop tower collapse on Thursday night. He is known as Big Tick because of his great size. sources dubbed him Gentle Giant. The name news outlets gave him was Gentle Giant. Big Tick Death Video, Obituary, Icon Park Ride Fall Update.

Big Tick Death Video

Big Tick, rest in peace. A video of Orlando’s death has gone viral on the internet. As soon as the ride in Orlando collapsed, death footage of the still-unidentified victim, Big Tick, was widely disseminated on the internet.

He was a 14-year-old adolescent who looked forward to beginning his athletic career at East St. Louis High School in the fall. Thursday night he was out having fun with friends of his siblings at Icon Park. They were visiting Drop Tower, which is one of the world’s tallest buildings and stands 400 feet above ground level.

A 16-year-old boy was on the ride with his family, and he tumbled from that height and was taken to the hospital right away. He died, though, shortly after arriving at the hospital. When witnesses saw a little child lifeless on the ground, they were alarmed and screamed. Many families go to the park to have fun; however, this incident has left them disturbed.

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Big Tick Ride Fall At Icon Park

The cause of Big Tick’s death was a fall from the Icon Park ride. He was sent flying from the 40-foot-tall drop tower. The owner of the amusement park has said that they are cooperating with authorities in their investigation into what caused his collapse. It appears that the ride operator is unsure whether or not guests were wearing their seatbelts when riding.

It has been closed, and no date has yet been determined for its reopening. Every person involved in the event had their hearts crushed as well as their spirits drenched in sadness.

Tyree Sampson, Big Tick

The football coach who was with Tyree Sampson on the night of the tragedy, Brandon Gregory, said he was “overjoyed” to be away from St. Louis for Spring Break. He was a football player and was traveling with him at the time of the incident.

According to The Sun, he had been penciled in as East St Louis High School’s starting right tackle in the fall. His relatives, including his grandchild and father’s girlfriend, appealed to the internet community for assistance. According to family members, he also stood out because he is his father’s only son.

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