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What Is The Old Grannies Meme On TikTok? TikTok’s Old Grannies Meme Tricks Users

Another viral pattern is utilizing TikTok clients tricking each other by looking up a specific phrase on Google — DO NOT DO IT! On TikTok, patterns have a way of spreading quickly. One person copies someone else, and then another person copies them, and before you know it, everyone is attempting it. However, from time to time, patterns develop that you’d rather not see at all.

The Old Grannies pattern is essentially what’s occurred. Someone thought it would be fascinating to trick everyone else into performing a Google search that exposes something horrible, and we’re all getting buried!

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TikTok Users Prank Eachother With The Old Grannies Meme

In the event that you’ve been on TikTok a ton as of late, at that point you may have seen many individuals discussing old grannies.

While we as a whole love our grandparents, and there are some comical records devoted to the world’s OAP’s, it’s not really those recordings that we’re discussing today, it’s something somewhat all the more upsetting.

Another pattern is going round TikTok that sees clients tricking each other by instructing them to look through a particular thing into your web index. The expression being referred to is ‘old grannies’. I’m cautioning you – don’t do it!

Social Medıa Users Are Telling Everyone Not To Do It

After the TikTok pattern became famous online, numerous individuals have been taking to Twitter to explain to others precisely why you SHOULDN’T look ‘old grannies’ into Google.

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One Twitter client stated: “Don’t I REPEAT DO NOT GO TO GOOGLE AND SEARCH OLD GRANNIES AND GO TO IMAGES. Damn you TikTok damn you.”

Another stated: “OK so I just observed this TikTok and whatever you do simply don’t look up old grannies on pictures.”

Still interested? Okay we’ll mention to you what happens when you search it.

What Happens When You Search ‘old Grannıes’ Into Google?

If you truly need to know what happens when you Google the term “old grannies,” we’ll tell you. The term “inquiry” is frequently associated with old individuals in photographs.

Furthermore, we’re not talking about little bit of exposure here; these aren’t X-rated photos.

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